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Letter From A Resident
Alex, a CommonBond resident 

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"Dear CommonBond Communities,

As a single, twenty-something-year-old working in public broadcasting, I’d always fantasized about living in a sleek, contemporary loft apartment with a gorgeous view…but I never thought I’d be able to afford it. My first visit to The Commerce Building flipped my perspective 180 degrees: here was an architectural marvel with soaring ceilings, glazed tile floors and stylish amenities – yet specifically designed for low-to-median wage earners just like me.

But The Commerce Building’s merits go beyond its pleasing aesthetics and affordable price – its housing philosophy is equally beautiful. My neighbors represent every ethnicity, age demographic and family structure. As an out lesbian, the building’s anti-discrimination policy means that I never feel threatened or concerned about harassment. And while some prospective renters might balk at the fact that 10% of the building’s tenants were formerly homeless, I view this as a progressive step in a very positive direction.

To quote The Wall Street Journal’s Ben Casselman, “Public housing used to mean fortress-like blocks and soulless rows of cheaply built townhouses.” The Commerce Building – and CommonBond Communities – are proving that in the 21st century, low-income is no longer synonymous with low-quality, low-safety or low-style. I’m proud to be part of this exceptional community, and hope to see The Commerce Building lauded with every possible form of recognition."

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40,000 Stories Of Home

"Because of our experience with CommonBond, my husband and I have good jobs, a home that we love and a healthy place for our kids to grow up.”

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