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The Door to Education

Driving down York Avenue in Edina, it’s easy to miss the townhomes nestled between retirement communities and suburban shops. But to Steve and Ellie, CommonBond’s Yorkdale Townhomes stick out: it is here that their growing family found the door to new opportunities.

“This home has been a blessing for our family,” says Steve, looking around his family’s comfortable living room. It’s a pleasant suburban scene: Steve, still in his suit from a long day at his new accounting job, holds his son in his lap. Ellie and their youngest son’s laughter bounces down the hallway as she helps him get ready for bed. But this home is more than just a comfortable setting: it has been a launching pad. Steve is adamant, “It really is a steppingstone to success.”

The young couple’s lives looked very different five years ago. In their early twenties, Steve and Ellie had both graduated from high school, but had put off going to college. “We weren’t doing much,” Steve remembers. Their first child changed everything. Steve decided to go back to school. To make ends meet, they moved to Ellie’s parents’ basement. While they were grateful for the space, “It was hard,” Steve says. He remembers how dark and cramped the basement was, and how difficult it was to let their son run around. “If we would’ve stayed there, I probably would’ve given up on school.”

The door to education
That’s when Steve and Ellie found CommonBond. With Yorkdale’s adjusted rent, Steve could work part time and go to school. Because they lived on a bus line, Ellie began taking nursing classes at the University of Minnesota. And their son, Asher, had space to run around in a safe neighborhood and a community of new friends right next door.They even welcomed new son Miles. Now Steve works as an accountant at a small investment firm and Ellie is finishing up her degree. Asher is attending Camp Fire kids at the on-site Advantage Center and starts school in the fall. And the family is saving up to purchase their first house.

New happiness and new opportunities
Yorkdale will always stick out as the place that helped launch their family. “I’m happier,” Steve says. “I’m able to do something I love and that spills over to the kids.”

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