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“Home is where my family is. It is a place where I feel safe and my kids are safe and there is a sense of community. We all help each other here. I am honored to call this my home.”

Her youngest child was three years old when Kelly turned to the staff at Maple Hills Apartments in Red Wing, Minnesota for help during a life-crisis. Struggling through a divorce and trying to stabilize her family, Kelly said, “It was a time when I needed help and I cringed asking for it.” Kelly is grateful for the stability that an affordable home created for her and her two children.

Bringing Homes back to Life
Maple Hills, an affordable apartment complex located in Red Wing, MN, was developed in 1971. The 96 homes provide a critical housing option for people living on fixed incomes like Kelly. After 40 years, Maple Hills was ready for a complete remodel. Innovative financing allowed CommonBond to reinvest nearly $43,000 back into each unit. One by one, Kelly and all the residents watched their old kitchen cabinets, their floors, windows, doors, and appliances get hauled out and replaced with all new items. “CommonBond even added air conditioning units,” Kelly raved. “The remodel brought new life to the property.”

Thousands of people are living in homes they can still afford because CommonBond strategically preserved 2,700 affordable apartments and townhomes for people like Kelly. In the Twin Cities, preserving Skyline Tower in St. Paul saved over 500 homes and nearly 1000 people from being displaced. And nearly 200 residents of Glenbrook Apartments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin saw their homes get renovated and their community revitalized this year.

Seeing Youth Succeed
Kelly’s children Brandy and Nick go to CommonBond Advantage Services for a little extra help with school work. They are regular participants in the Homework Center program and they use the computer lab too. “I know attending CommonBond programs and activities has helped my children improve their grades,” Kelly states.

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40,000 Stories Of Home

Home is where my family is. It is a place where I feel safe and my kids are safe and there is a sense of community. We all help each other here. I am honored to call this my home.

- Read Kelly's story.

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